Saturday, March 1, 2008


Hi friends ,The iMac is an "all-in-one" desktop Mac intosh computer designed and built by Apple Inc. It has been a large part of Apple's consumer desktop offerings since its introduction from the 1998, and has evolved through three distinct forms of designs. In its original form, the G3, the iMac was an egg-shaped with a CRT monitor, mainly enclosed by colored, translucent plastic over it. The second major revision, the G4, moved to a design of a hemispherical base containing all the main components and an LCD monitor on the freely-moving arm attached to the top of the base of the design. The iMac G5 and the Intel iMac placed all the components immediately behind the monitor, creating a cool and attractively slim design which tilts only up and down on a simple metal base. The current iMac shares the same form as the previous ones, but is now thinner and uses aluminum and glass for its case. Now here comes the curved iMac.. the above are the pictures of curved iMac.

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