Thursday, February 28, 2008


Hi friends this time i came with the evolution of heli dopters. This is volume 4 of this chapter. This Sikorsky YR- 4B/ HNS-11 sits in a wind tunnel as a well developed technician sets up camera equipment to take the stop action photos of the rotors in the helidopter. The R-4 was the first helicopter to be built in any significant number ,several hundred were constructed during World War II.
The essence of this cool design, like that of PV -2 from Piasecki-a large main rotor present in it and a small vertical tail rotor has been the guiding force for most modern helicopters. Much of the credit for that design, and for turning the helicopters into a practical reality, goes to Igor Sikorsky, a Russian immigrant to this cool U.S.hapter

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