Wednesday, November 7, 2007

wavery south beach

Hi every body, this time i just came here to share something cool about an interesting beach,That is nothing but our south Wavery South Beach
Yes wavery south beach is one of the best beaches in the world.and the shopping areas here are some what more cool.
There is a resident Waverly expert. he had lived at the Waverly for 6 years and have recently sold 6 units in 45 days time.
Give him a call now to discuss anything and everything that is WAVERLY SOUTH BEACH. 305-987-1195.WAvery beach is one among the best beaches which provides you a cool feeling.
In my opinion, The Waverly is pet friendly and is the best value on West Avenue. it is ccool right? .It includes apartmants ,shopping areas,shopping malls,residential areas which includes various amenities like Hour Security, Convenience Store, Party Room,Yoga, Valet Services, Beach Volleyball, Zen Garden, and the best Lagoon pool on West Avenue. Just walk to Lincoln Road or Just enjoy some of the best sunrises and sunsets in South Beach.
There are always a couple of cool, great buys at The Waverly south. I have sold and resold many units in the building, so he is familiar with not only all the floorplans, but even every specific units and how they are designed. Please just give a call or email to the resident at wavery beach at with requests for pictures or floorplans. All the very best,Thank you once again to all

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